Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week Of Glitter: Color Club Sugar Plum Yum

I noticed recently that I have a lot of untried glitters, so I decided to do a Week Of Glitters!  When I walked into Sally's the other day I could not believe what I was seeing. On the display was a Color Club collection! Not only that, but it was a collection I had absolutely no knowledge of. This particular collection is the Scent-suous Collection. At first glance, I wasn't terribly in love with any of the colors, and since I already had polishes ready for purchase, I only got one. I got Sugar Plum Yum.
Sugar Plum Yum is scented and has small green and larger purple glitters in a clear base. I love the color combination! It applies fairly well for how chunky the glitter is. You could get away with one coat, but I went back and filled in some of the bare spots. The polish is quite thick, as expected with a glitter like this, but it's nothing totally unbearable. It also sticks up from the nail a bit, so I'd recommend two coats of top coat. Also, I really like the smell, it's just like those nerd filled gum balls! I really want to go back to Sally's and get more from this collection.

Sugar Plum Yum is layered on top of Zoya Holly and Wet N Wild Black Creme.

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  1. I was shocked to see this, too! I got this, and the green foil scented. I can hardly wait to try them out.