Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zoya: Some Holiday Swatches

I got these Zoya's during one of their many BOGO sales. The four I'm showing today are all from the Gems holiday collection.
Holly, and Izzy.
Rina and Kissy layered over Holly and Izzy.

This collection is beautiful! Holly and Izzy apply amazingly! They are perfect opacity and consistency. Rina and Kissy are both bar glitters. Rina has smaller green bar glitters, with larger holographic ones as well. Kissy has red and pink bar glitters with larger holographic ones too. They apply very well, but like most bar glitters, they stick off of the nail and snag on things, even with a top coat. When I first wore Kissy I wasn't a huge fan, but after having it on my nails for a bit I grew to like it.

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