Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nabi Magnetic Nail Polish

I was so excited when my local Walgreens finally put out a display of the Nabi Magnetic Nail Polish. The display includes a ton of unique colors that aren't commonly found in magnetic collections, all for about 4 dollars. I'm glad they were so cheap because they are the worst polishes I think I've ever used, magnetic ability aside. I picked up three nameless colors. Just take a look at the fantastic results I had. The pictures are kind of icky because I didn't clean up my nails, or put top coat on, because I knew I was going to take these off immediately.
 First, the formula on these polishes was awful. It was extremely thick, goopy, and tacky. The nail polish felt like it was half dry before I even painted it on my nails. The magnet on these bottles is attached to the brush, and it doesn't have a lip on it, so it was near impossible for me to keep a steady hand, and not hit my wet polish with the magnet. The magnets included with these polishes just wasn't working for me, so I tried it out with the China Glaze magnet instead. Still, hardly any image appeared! The only one that really even kind of worked was the green, and that had the worst formula of all of them. I'm sure it's a bit obvious, but I would never recommend these. I would rather have bought one 8 dollar magnetic than have two of these horrible polishes.

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