Saturday, February 25, 2012

Color Club Magnetics

My friend works at Hot Topic and knowing that I'm a polish fanatic, informed me immediately that the Color Club Magnetic Force collection came into stock. Color Club at a Hot Topic? This brand seems to pop up in the most unusual places. Anyway, my friend picked up a few of the colors from this collection for me! I decided to only get three because they are my first magnetic polishes, and I might have not even ended up liking this effect.
The circular bottles really threw me off at first.

These are Color Club Steel Of The Night, Electro-Midnight, and Hipnotic. They applied really smoothly. Since the magnet comes off, the brush handle is tiny so the brush itself is kinda large in comparison. It was pretty weird to get used to that. I put the magnet on for about 20 seconds to get a nice sharp image. Something I don't like about these is that  after you take the magnet off, the image begins to dissipate. Other than that it's a neat look and it's also kinda fun to do. I can't wait to play around with these more!

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