Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Game Week: The Legend of Zelda

Today I painted my nails based off of The Legend of Zelda. On my pointer I painted a red rupee, the games form of currency. On my middle finger is the Tri-force, and on my ring finger is Link's helpful fairy friend, Navi. For my pinky I painted a health bar heart. I painted it on a light pink field because I wanted something that was Princess Zelda-esque. On my thumb I was originally going to write out the word Zelda, but I didn't have enough space, so I just settled on the Z.
The gold is Color Club Gingerbread Man, the green is La Splash Greenery, the red is Color Club Heart To Heart, and the pink is Xtreme Wear Berry Juicy. For Navi I used Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue, and Zoya Blu.

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