Friday, August 30, 2013

Game Week: Mario

 Hi! It's the last day of my game week. For my final manicure I wanted to do something Mario related. I decided to paint the logos of Mario and Luigi, as well as their evil counter-parts Wario and Waluigi, as they appear on their hats. For some reason Wario's 'W' kind of goes outside the circle on his hat, so that's how I painted it. Also On my thumb I painted the little flower brooch on Princess Daisy's dress. I painted Daisy as opposed to Peach because I've just always liked her more.
Green is Revlon Posh, Red is Color Club Heart To Heart, Yellow is Zoya Darcy, and the purple is Zoya Mira. The blue on Wario is China Glaze Shower Together, and the center on Daisy is Xtreme Wear The Real Teal. The orange is Zoya Arizona.

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