Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Random Manicures

Hello! This post is just a few manicures that have been sitting in my draft box for ages. Most of these manicures I like, but not enough to warrant their own post, so they're getting bunched together here!

 This first manicure is from about late summer. I actually loved this manicure, but I never really had anything to say about it, so it ended up never getting posted. The base is Xtreme Wear Perfect Pear-Ing. The dark blue is Orly Royal Navy and the lighter blue is Zoya Blu.

 This next manicure was a result of some extreme frustration. I was trying to do a tape manicure using gold and aqua, but it just was not working out. Completely fed up, I ended up just painting random black swirls on my nails. The base is China Glaze Midnight Kiss.

 Man, this is a super old manicure, as you can probably tell by my nubby nails. I felt like doing a dark skittle manicure, and I guess this is what I came up with. This manicure is so old that I have no idea what polishes I used.

 The final manicure is also my most recent! This is just a gradient that I did using two textured polishes, China Glaze Tail Me Something and Seahorsin' Around. This manicure was a bit rougher than normal textured polishes are because I had sponged it on, so less than the usual amount of actual polish made it on the nail. Regardless, I actually really liked this manicure, I just thought it was too boring for it's own post.

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  1. WOW! A great round up of manicures :) I am in love over the first dotticure...absolutely stunning!!!