Monday, September 30, 2013

33DC: Day 4

Day 4 calls for tribal print! I always have a hard time deciding exactly what to put on each nail when it comes to this design . I wanted to do something a bit different in terms of color also, so I went with a bright pink and purple. The polishes are Xtreme Wear Razz-Berry and Violet Voltage. The base color is Essie Miss Fancy Pants.


  1. Love it!!! all those details are so cool, and I love the fact you chose bright colours to contrast the grey base, simply lovely :)

  2. Really would love to see you add other ways to follow your blog - I never get to my Google Friends Connect or whatever it preferred method now is follow via email (and it's safe with no work on the bloggers part when using Feedburner widget). Up there almost as close to a dislike with Google Friends is Bloglovin because it's got such horrible thumbnails that often are not anything to do with what the blog is going to be featuring..I tend to leave it till the end of my email and only get to it if I have time...but I do use it now that Reader is gone because it's the only thing some folks offer. Bloglovin does not work well at all with pinterest so folks I have found go around it when they find something to pin and then the poor nail artist is left with no link or lots of things i don't like about Bloglovin...and no time for FB or Twitter - those worlds fly by and I miss tons even if I tried to keep up with it....I would get nothing else done but that...please don't publish this...I did not see anyway to contact you other then leaving a message to follow you. You have some fun things!