Friday, September 27, 2013

Disney Series: Pocahontas

 Hi! My Disney nails today are inspired by Pocahontas! On my pointer is Pocahontas's necklace. On my middle finger I painted her pet raccoon, Meeko. For my ring finger I painted the outfit of Governor Ratcliffe. My pinky is the "colors of the wind" with all the pretty leaves blowing and what not. For my thumb I painted a ship.
Pointer: The base is Orly Lemonade. For the necklace I used Xtreme Wear Blinding Blue.
Middle: The base is Zoya Neely. For Meeko I used Xtreme Wear Wet Cement and Revlon Iconic.
Ring: For the base I used Xtreme Wear Raspberry Rave. The light purple is Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac. The teal is Xtreme Wear The Real Teal, and the yellow is Zoya Darcy.
Pinky: For the base I used Xtreme Wear Berry Juicy. The leaves are Xtreme Wear Violet Voltage, China Glaze Red Satin, and Zoya Arizona.
Thumb: The base is Essie Where's My Chauffeur?, The ship is China Glaze Foie Gras.


  1. i used to love Pocahontas as a child and think these nails are so brilliant! Meeko looks fantastic :)