Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Hulk

Today I have nail art inspired by The Hulk! On my pinky I did a DNA strand, and on my ring finger I did a hazard sign. For my middle finger I did one side as Bruce Banner and the other as The Hulk, and on my pointer I did the hulks stomach. My thumb read "Hulk Smash" which is a famous saying of The Hulk.
Pinky- Base: LA Splash Greenery. Details: Color Club Pucci-Licious (purple), Twiggie (green)
Ring: Base: Xtreme Wear Green With Envy. Details: Color Club Disco Dress.
Middle: Base: China Glaze Starboard/ La Splash Nudist. Details: Black, white, XW Green With Envy/ China Glaze Man Hunt, Mahogany Magic.
Pointer: Base: China Glaze Starboard. Details: Zoya Shawn (green), Mira (purple).
Thumb: Base: XW Green With Envy. Details: Zoya Mira, China Glaze Starboard.

 I was a bit too lazy to paint my right hand, so instead I sponged on some glitter using the Hulk's signature colors, green and purple. I used Zoya Holly for the green base and sponged on LA Splash Heiress. The base on my ring finger is China Glaze Coconut Kiss and the glitter is China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses.

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