Thursday, November 28, 2013

33DC: Day 29

 Hello! Sorry this ones late, I went to the movies last night and the challenge completely slipped my mind. Day 29 says to paint your favorite pattern. I chose plaid! The base is Xtreme Wear Wet Cement. For the lines I used Revlon Iconic, and Xtreme Wear Celeb City.

Monday, November 25, 2013

33DC: Day 28

 Day 28 calls for lines. Instead of doing a regular stripe manicure I decided to do a bit of a different route and follow this tutorial. Basically you just paint a bunch of random lines across your nail using a fan brush. I used Xtreme Wear Vibrant Violet, Wet Cement, White On, and Revlon Iconic. I still don't know how I feel about this manicure, I keep wavering between really liking it and hating it.

Friday, November 22, 2013

33DC: Day 27

 Hello! Day 27 says to incorporate 3 patterns into a manicure. I was thinking of possible ideas when this manicure, which I did earlier this year, came to mind! I loved what I did then, so I thought I would sort of recreate it. The flowers are Xtreme Wear Peach Beach, and the details are Fuschia Power. The leaves are Revlon Posh. The grey is Wet Cement. I'm super happy with this, I ended up wearing it a few days longer than I had planned.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

33DC: Day 26

Hello! Day 26 is inspired by Pinterest. For my manicure I followed this tutorial which I had pinned a little while ago. My version is not so neat, but it is bright and pretty, kinda? I used Color Club Raspberry Rush, I Always Get My Man-Darin, and Xtreme Wear Sunny Side.
You may or may not have noticed that some length has disappeared from my nails. Well, That's because I broke the nail on my middle finger while trying to open my car door last weekend! It's a pretty low break so I can't really do much about it other than cut my nails down a bit and throw a patch on it. You can kind of see it in this picture. It's from my phone, so the qualities not great... Don't mind the messy white polish, this was right after tragedy struck!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

33DC: Day 25

Day 25 says to try out a new technique. First and foremost, I have this amazing nail polish to talk about! China Glaze It's A Trap-Eze came out nearly a year ago, but I only just got it last month, I'm a bit behind, I know. This polish has multi-sized rainbow glitter in a milky base. It's so beautiful!! It's jam packed with glitter so there's no problem getting it to sufficiently cover the nail.
But wait, what's this?!
 Nail polish on the underside?!? The new technique I tried out was the Louboutin manicure. It's something I've been meaning to give a try for a while, and finally my nails are long enough! I was going to originally use a brighter pink but It's A Trap-Eze isn't that opaque and I didn't want the color to show through. The light pink that I did use is Color Club Vintage Couture. Im not huge on this one... At least the glitter's pretty!

Friday, November 15, 2013

33DC: Day 24

Today says to do a manicure featuring the color you own most of. Honestly, I have too many nail polishes to go through and count out how much I actually have of each color. So, I really don't know for sure what color I own the most of, but I do know that I have a lot of pinks! For this manicure I did a fishbone design using three shades of pink. The polishes I used are Revlon Cherries In The Snow, Xtreme Wear Pretty In Hot Pink, and Color Club Vintage Couture.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

33DC: Day 23

Hello! Day 23 is geometric! For my manicure I just made random shapes using Zoya Storm, Blaze, and Aurora. I then outlined them with Xtreme Wear Celeb City.
 I had to see what it looked like matte, so I added a coat of Essie Matte About You.

Monday, November 11, 2013

33DC: Day 22

Hello! Today we're doing a three color gradient with a pattern. I was very excited about this prompt. I think gradients are really neat, and I can't wait to check out what everyone else came up with! For my gradient I used China Glaze For Audrey, Xtreme Wear Peach Beach, and Zoya Arizona, and sponged them on top of a whole lot of tape.

Friday, November 8, 2013

33DC: Day 21

 The theme today is Europe. I cheated big time with this one. Originally I had these grand plans to paint some European landmarks. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time for it. Instead I did a skittle manicure using polishes from the OPI Euro Centrale collection, which was released earlier this year. I used OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, Suzi's Hungary Again, Vant To Bite My Neck?, and

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

Hello! Tonight I'm going to see the next installment of Thor! Naturally, I did my nails for such an event. I've done Thor inspired nails before, so this time around I wanted to draw inspiration right from the movie. I was looking through some stills from the film and decided to paint some of the characters armor/torso regions. I painted Odin's, Thor's, Loki's, and the villain, Malekith's. I'm glad I included the bad guy, but he just doesn't really work with the rest of the nails that well.
Thor and Odin: China Glaze Foie Gras, Essie Power Clutch, Good As Gold.
Loki: Zoya Dovima, LA Splash Greenery, China Glaze Champagne Bubbles.
Thumb: China Glaze First Mate, Essie Good As Gold, No Place Like Chrome.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

33DC: Day 20

Hello! Today's prompt is to do a manicure of a pattern in your wardrobe. I decided to paint my nails the pattern of one of the few articles of clothing I own that isn't striped... a floral tank top! The blue is China Glaze First Mate.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

33DC: Day 19

The prompt for day 19 is to follow a tutorial. I knew right off the bat that I wanted to paint some dream catcher nails. There are a ton of dream catcher nail art tutorials, but the one that I mostly followed was this video by MissJenFabulous. I followed the basis of her design, but I wanted all my dream catchers to be different, so I sort of put my own spin on things.
The base is China Glaze Sweet Hook. For the beads and feathers I used Essie Where's My Chauffeur? Xtreme Wear Perfect Pear-ing, and Pretty In Hot Pink.

Friday, November 1, 2013

33DC: Day 18

Hello! Today in the 33 Day Challenge we are doing a manicures with two patterns! I really couldn't decide what I wanted to do for this one, so I played it safe and stuck with leopard and zebra print! For the base I did a gradient using Essie Mint Candy Apple, Where's My Chauffeur?, and Naughty Nautical.