Thursday, May 31, 2012


The Thor movie came out a year ago, and some how I had completely neglected to do nail art for the occasion! The recent release of The Avengers actually reminded me of this fact, and since then this manicure has been in the works!
On my pinky I did Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.  On my ring finger is the chest of Thor's uniform as it appears in the movie. My middle finger is sporting the more classic comic book version of Thor's feather helmet, which is on top of a red background to represent his cape. On my pointer I did a lightening bolt because Thor is the God Of Thunder, and he can conjure lightening as a form of attack. Finally, my thumb represents the chain mail that Thor wears.

I used China Glaze First Mate, Millennium, Mahogany Magic, Orly Royal Navy, Essie Power Clutch, Zoya Dovima, Xtreme Wear Cherry Red, and Wet N Wild French White Creme.

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