Monday, May 7, 2012

China Glaze Riveting & Hook And Line

Hello! Here are just a couple polishes from the China Glaze Capitol Colors Hunger Games collection. Today I'm showing Riveting, and Hook And Line. These are supposed to represent District 3, Technology, and District 4, Fishing.
China Glaze Riveting. Oh boy, this is a color! A jelly base of bright orange with micro gold shimmer makes an awesome nail polish. It's so incredibly vibrant. It was also extremely pesky to photograph. This is two coats that applied very smoothly.
China Glaze Hook And Line. I get the feeling that this polish does not have a huge fan base, but I kind of love it. It's an extremely frosty light grey. With this polish you can see every brush stroke and every nail imperfection. It has one of the worst formulas I've seen from China Glaze, extremely thick and goopy. I also experienced some bubbling.  It sounds like an awful polish but there's something about it that I just really like, despite all it's negative aspects. Also it's supposed to represent the Fishing district, which it does a perfect job of. When I see this color all I can think of is the body of a fish.

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