Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zoya Reva & Faye

I have a few more swatches today from Zoya's 2011 summer collection. Today I have Reva and Faye.  
Zoya Reva is an awesome berry pink, like a strawberry. It is packed with gold sparkles. Reva is very opaque, but I did two coats to intensify the color. It is extremely pigmented and eye catching. The dry time was quick and it had a shiny smooth finish.
Zoya Faye is a very unique color. It is a mauve with a ton of gold glitter. The glitter in this color is definitely the most prominent out of any of it's sisters. In some lights the polish looks a bit dirty, and bronze. This is also the most sheer of the collection. I needed three coats for this opacity. Faye is an interesting color, but it's not necessarily pretty, nor is it one of my favorites. It reminds me of Zoya Zara, but amped up by about 10 times. 

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