Monday, May 14, 2012

Water Marble: Success!

Water marbling is the ultimate trial and error nail art technique. Since I have been blogging I have not been able to get this method down! Luckily today, the cards were finally in my favor! It's not perfect, I had some bubbling, and some mess ups, but I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Plus I love the colors, they're like a sunset!
Left Hand-
Right Hand-
I used Color Club Heart To Heart, Xtreme Wear Twisted Pink, Coral Reef, Sun Kissed, and Mellow Yellow.


  1. Megan, I seriously, seriously love all of your nail art. I'm not a major nail aficionado, but I would love to try this technique...I know there are some videos out there, but what helped you actually get this down so well?

    1. Thank you! There's a bit of a learning curve to water marbling so it will probably take a bit of practice to get it at first. First, I always do a base of white on my nails before marbling, just to make sure that the colors will show up opaque. I usually find that whenever I use creme finished polishes I get the best results. Also make sure to use polishes with a thinner formula so that they spread more easily, and work quickly so that the polish doesn't dry before you get a chance to finish making the design. Hope this helps!