Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things Of Similar Nature

Recently, browsing about my nail polish collection, I noticed a couple of polishes that have a lot of commonalities. I knew they weren't all the same, but I wanted to see just how different they are. The colors I grabbed are Xtreme Wear Midnight Sky, China Glaze Haunting, Stone Cold, and Zoya Dovima.
Midnight Sky, Haunting, Stone Cold, Dovima
Haunting, with its dark black base and and distinguishable silver glitter, is bar far the most different of the group. Dovima is a dark grey with very micro silver glitters. It's a matte color, but in these photos I'm wearing a glossy topcoat. Midnight Sky and Stone Cold are near identical, with the exception that Stone Cold has a matte finish. They both have grey bases, lighter than Dovima, and are packed with noticeable silver  micro glitter. Midnight Sky is just a tad shinier, and the formula is slightly better, just because it's not a matte formula. I love all of these colors and am glad that I'm now reassured that they are more different than I originally thought.

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