Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Comparison: Zoya Tinsley Vs. Rica

Hello! Today I will be doing a comparison between two polishes, both from the brand Zoya. I absolutely love Zoya polishes and I was really excited for their summer 2013 Irresistible collection. One of the polishes I had my eye on was Tinsley. I knew right from the beginning that it was similar to another polish named Rica, but I didn't mind because I really like Rica, so I went ahead and bought Tinsley anyway. As it turns out, the two polishes were a lot more similar than I had expected. In the bottle the two are decipherable. Tinsley has a cool toned rose gold base, while Rica is a bit more on the coral side, and is a warmer color with more orange in it.
                                                               Right: Tinsley    Left: Rica
On the nail however, I had a lot of difficulty finding differences between the two polishes. I'm gonna be honest, I took these pictures a little while ago, and I'm not exactly positive which polish is on which nails. That's because they are so similar! However, I think  Rica is on the pointer and ring fingers, and Tinsley is on the middle and pinky nails.
While they do have different bases, they both have a ton of the same gold shimmer in them. The gold is so dense and vibrant that when you look at the nail you really can't decipher all that much of the base color. The formula on both of these polishes was great and I used 2-3 coats for each. I really do like both polishes a lot, I'm just bummed that they look so similar on the nail. I highly recommend purchasing at least one of them though.


  1. Jeez, those are really similar.

  2. Thanks for this post! Just bought tins levy and now I don't need rica!