Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Disney Series: The Emperor's New Groove

 It's a double post kind of day! I just posted my first manicure of the 33DC, and here I am again with something for my Disney series. This manicure is inspired by The Emperor's New Groove. I remember seeing commercials for this and thinking that it looked like the dumbest movie. It turned out to be hilarious, and is actually one of my favorites. On my pointer finger is Kuzco's crown. On my middle finger is the llama symbol on the poison given to Kuzco. My ring finger is Kronk's outfit, and on my pinky is Yzma's eyelashes. My thumb is Pacha's outfit.
Pointer: Base is China Glaze Red Satin. The crown is Zoya Darcy, and Xtreme Wear Lemon Zest.
Middle: The base is Xtreme Wear Hot Magenta.
Ring: The blue is Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue, and the purples are Violet Voltage, and Lacey Lilac. the yellow is Zoya Darcy.
Pinky: The base is Color Club Pucci-Licious.
Thumb: I used Xtreme Wear Green With Envy, LA Splash Greenery, China Glaze Mahogany Magic, and Zoya Darcy.

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  1. Haha, Yzma's lashes totally deserve a nail to themselves:)