Thursday, February 6, 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: Green

 Hello! For today's GOT we are going green! My golden oldie polish that I used is China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. This is a really gorgeous green, but it's absolutely impossible for me to capture the color on camera, which is the main reason why I never wear it. My photos are as close as I could get, but still pretty far off. The actual color is more green than this, but does still have a hint of blue. Over top Four Leaf Clover I painted a filigree design with black acrylic paint, then I used Esse Matte About You to take away the shine! I love this manicure, it's a shame I can't show what it looks like in reality, but the photos still look nice...


  1. oh my goodness, this looks absolutely stunning!!! I can't believe you drew that pattern by hand. Love it!

  2. I have this polish too, and my camera also hates it. It always looks very blue. I love the mani you did for this, though. :)