Sunday, September 28, 2014

Disney Nail Art: Frozen

Hello! Today my manicure is inspired by the movie Frozen! When I did my Disney nail are series last year Frozen had not come out yet, but I've been wanting to do nail art for it ever since I saw the movie. On my pointer is Hans' outfit, and my ring finger is Elsa's famous ice dress. For my ring finger I did the detailing on the dress that Anna wears the majority of the movie, and on my pinky is Kristoff's outfit. Last but not least, on my thumb is Olaf!
Pointer: Hans' vest is mostly Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue and his scarf is Xtreme Wear Raspberry Rave.
Middle: Elsa's dress is Xtreme Wear Breezy Blue with NYX Silver Glitter and China Glaze Capacity To See Beyond with Sally Hansen Bling-Tastic on top.
Ring: I frankened pretty much all of the colors on this nail except for the gold, which is OPI Golden Rules!
Pinky: The base is Revlon Icon with other shades of grey randomly sponged on. The belt part is China Glaze Seduce Me, Grass is Lime Greener, and What A Pansy.
Thumb: For the base I did a gradient using Zoya Blu and LA Splash Blowfish Blue. The carrot is Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed.

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