Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sunset Double Water Spotting

For the base I did a corner gradient using Xtreme Wear Purple Craze, Vibrant Violet, Raspberry Rave, For Sher-Bert, Red Rebel, and Sunny Side. My white polish is getting a bit thick, so it wasn't spotting nicely. I finally got a design that I was somewhat happy with, but when I put on topcoat the yellow bled into the white. Luckily, it looks more subtle on camera than in real life. I also used a better smelling spray to create the spotting this time, so it ended up actually being quite pleasant to have stuck on my hand for five days.
Here's the gradient before the water spotting. It's all bumpy looking because there's not topcoat, but I still wanted to get a picture because I think these polishes blend so well and the colors are really pretty together.

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