Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In the Mood: Hyper/Relaxed

Claires Mood color changing nail polishes were very popular about a year ago. Not liking the quality, or price of any polishes from Claires, I refrained from them. Recently I was at Claires and a particular polish caught my eye. I just couldn't resist buying Mood Hyper/Relaxed. I bought it, not even caring if the color changing effect really even worked, because I loved the color in the bottle. It completely surpassed my expectations. This is pretty picture heavy, sorry about the water everywhere.
It dries satin, But I like a glossy finish, so...

                                                             Seche Vite to the rescue!
Warm Water-
Cold water-

Side by side-
Warm, Cold
                                                                         Cold, Warm
Gradient Effect-
                                           This effect tends to work better on longer nails

I played around with changing the colors for so long that my fingers were pruney! The wear on this polish isn't particularly spectacular, but the color is soo amazing that it doesn't even matter. This polish varies between light and dark blues, that have a hint of that "mermaid" teal color.

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  1. I bought one today. So I tried it on my sister. When it dried. I got hot and cold water out. When she dip it in and took it out nothing happened.