Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am seeing the new movie X-Men: First Class tonight at midnight! So, of course I had to do my nails! I am very happy with how this turned out. I've been meaning to do an X-Men manicure for a while, but I was kinda nervous to do it, so the upcoming movie was the best way to get me motivated.

Left Hand:
          Left to right represents: Gambit, Wolverine, Rogue, Magneto, and the thumb is Dark Phoenix 
Right Hand:
          Left to right represents: Deadpool, Cyclops, Havok, The X-Men logo, the thumb is Banshee

Left Hand: Gambit- Xtreme Wear White OnXtreme Wear Posh Plum. Wolverine- Xtreme Wear Mellow YellowXtreme Wear Black Out. Rogue- Xtreme Wear Mellow YellowXtreme Wear Going GreenXtreme Wear White On, Revlon Hot For Chocolate. Magneto- Xtreme Wear Black Out, Zoya Mira, Zoya Carrie Ann. Dark Phoenix- Zoya Carrie AnnXtreme Wear Black Out, Nicole By OPI Dandy Lion.

Right Hand: Deadpool- Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Perfect CherryXtreme Wear Black OutXtreme Wear White On. Cyclops- Xtreme Wear Mellow YellowSally Hansen Maximum Growth Perfect Cherry, Orly Royal Navy. Havok- Xtreme Wear Black Out, China Glaze Millennium. Logo- Xtreme Wear White OnXtreme Wear Mellow YellowXtreme Wear Pacific Blue. Banshee- Xtreme Wear Mellow YellowXtreme Wear Going GreenXtreme Wear Black Out.

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