Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Fimo First

This is my very first experience using fimo, a clay stick with an image throughout it that is cut up into slices and used for various things. I obviously use fimo for nail art. I have wanted to try fimo for a while, but didn't want to shell out money for something I may possibly be awful at. Lucky for me, for Christmas my sister got me everything that I would need to be successful with fimo. Anyway, heres my very first attempt with it!
The base color is Essie Power Clutch. The fimo is the blue bows, obviously. I think it's really cute! The only probably I had with the fimo, other than cutting slim even slices, is that it's very difficult to get the edges of the image to stay flush against your nail. Overall I actually had a fun experience and can't wait to further experiment with the endless possibilities that fimo canes bring. 

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