Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ranma 1/2

This manicure is inspired by Ranma 1/2, a Japanese anime about a boy who, when splashed with cold water, turns into a girl.
Ukyo's spatula, Ryoga's bandana, Ranma's shirt, Genma in panda form.
1/2, hence the name.

Pinky- Orly Royal Navy, China Glaze Millennium, Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow
Ring- XW Mellow Yellow, Black
Middle- XW Cherry Red, Mellow Yellow, and Black
Pointer- Black, and White
Thumb- Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau, XW Cherry Red and Orly Royal Navy

1 comment:

  1. me encantan tus uñas, te quedaron geniales. a mi tambien me encanta ranma 1/2. saludos!