Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iron Man 3

Hello! I am about to go see Iron Man 3! Obviously I did my nails for the occasion. From what I can gather from previews for the film, Tony Stark basically builds an army of suits, each with different abilities. For my nails I decided to showcase the masks of some of the suits making an appearance in the film. On my pointer is Rhodey's new Iron Patriot Suit, on the middle finger is  "HeartBreaker" The ring finger has Tony's primary suit in this film. On my pinky is "shotgun," and on my thumb is "Igor."
Pointer: Essie No Place Like Chrome, China Glaze Cranberry Splash.
Middle: China Glaze Champagne Bubbles, Mommy Kissing Santa
Ring: Essie Good As Gold, China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa
Pinky: Essie No Place Like Chrome, Xtreme Wear Gunmetal
Thumb: Color Club Cold Metal, Essie No Pace Like Chrome
  *All of the eyes are China Glaze Sea Spray.


  1. This is seriously amazing! You are really talented :)