Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cheerleading Konad

Tomorrow morning I will be heading to cheerleading camp for 4 days! Finally the perfect opportunity to use my Konad plate S7! Plate S7 consists entirely of designs related to cheerleading, such as pompoms, a megaphone, and cheerleaders, so cute!

This is Very Cherry! It's very similar to Midnight Sky, which I have previously posted about. It has the same silver sparkle reflects, except instead they do not reside in a grey base. Very Cherry Isn't quite red, but more of a rosey pink raspberry color.

I chopped my nails off in anticipation of camp to avoid breakage.

 Now the Konad design-
                         I'm still a novice at Konad so the designs didn't turn  out quite as crisp and straight as I         would have wanted, but this will suffice.

I used Xtreme Wear Very Cherry, Konad plate S7 and China Glaze Millennium.

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