Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In The Mood: Calm/Wild

Since I had such wild success with the Claires mood polishes thus far, I decided to check out another, Calm/Wild. The Claires Mood polishes are temperature activated, so depending on how hot or cold your nails are, the color of the polish will change too! Pretty neat actually, except that they really only change in shade, instead of color. Calm/Wild dries in a satin finish, just as the others do, so if you don't favor that look, use a top coat.
Cold Water-
Warm Water-
Side by side- 
Calm/ Wild is either a light rosey pink, or a deep purple. It is unique to the Mood collection because it is the only polish that has sparkles in it. The difference between the two colors is not nearly has drastic as with Hyper/ Relaxed, so the gradient effect is hard to notice. The colors are very pretty, but not exactly my style. The wear time on this was poor. Unlike Hyper/Relaxed, which lasted me about a week, this polish was chipping within a few hours. This might be due to the fact that it is and older polish, and therefore may not be an improved formula. Overall this polish is nice, but did not impress me nearly as much as hyper/relaxed did.

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