Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games- District 1

District 1! I was originally only going to do 4 districts for this series and I ended up doing all of them! Thats not all though, I have my final Hunger Games manicure, which I'm wearing to the midnight premiere tonight, that will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned! Anyway, district 1 is luxury. They basically provide The Capitol with all their gems and luxury items and what not.
I did a bedazzled nail, a 1 for the district, a diamond, because gems are their major export, and a sort of sunburst thing that you can see on the district seal. My thumb is just fancy.

I used, what else, Color Club Untamed Luxury, Ulterior Motive, Zoya Savita, China Glaze Frotsbite, Luxe And Lush, Millennium, Xrteme Wear Golden- I, Set The Stage, and Celeb City. The gems were all from a Bundle Monster pack

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