Friday, March 2, 2012

Spoiled Trust Fund Baby

I don't go to CVS often, but I did recently and was pleasantly surprised to find the Spoiled line by Wet N Wild. Spoiled has a ton of colors, but what I was really attracted to was their spectacular glitters. One I of the ones picked up reminded me of a color from the Wet N Wild Fast Dry Halloween collection that I loved but couldn't find anywhere. It's called Trust Fund Baby.
I wasn't sure what it would look good over, so I did a variety of colors, Xtreme Wear Marine Scene, Hot Magenta, and a white and black. TFB has square black and pink glitter and hexagonal blue and gold glitter all of the same size in a clear base. My problem with this Spoiled line is that the brushes are huge! They are extremely fat and stubby. While they pick up a lot of polish, it's too much, especially with glitters since they are so sparse in the clear polish. Instead of applying these traditionally and having a huge thick goopy mess on my nails I sponged on the glitter. I found this to much less annoying than having polish and inch thick.

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  1. i too didn't know what to use as a base under TFB. i found your blog and chose black! thanks!!