Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Hunger Games- District 6

So today I'm multi-posting! This is something I think I may have done once before. I'm doing this because I have finished my Hunger Games series, but since my blog is a couple posts behind, all the manicures wouldn't be up in time for the premiere of the movie. Anyway, this is District 6, the district of transportation.
I did a traffic light, a 6 for the district, railroad tracks, a street, and a psychedelic water marble on my thumb to represent all the morphling addicts in this district.

I used Xtreme Wear Going Green, Mellow Yellow, Cherry Red, Grey Area, Fuchsia Power, Sun Kissed, Green With Envy, Blue Me Away, China Glaze Millennium, Agro, Fast Track, and Revlon Hot For Chocolate.

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