Wednesday, October 2, 2013

33DC: Day 5

Hello! Day 5 of the 33DC calls for Mexican inspired nails. For my Mexican nails I painted a pinata! I just went with a traditional donkey shaped pinata. My pointer and pinky are supposed to be like confetti.
The base is Xtreme Wear Violet Voltage. For the pinata I used Zoya Mira, Shelby, Arizona, Darcy, Josie, and Xtreme Wear Blinding Blue.


  1. Wow, piñata nails! these are awesome, you've done an excellent job! Creative, original, colorful, sharp, what's not to love about it!

  2. I was late posting mine, but now I see we both had the same idea! I like how much detail you got in your pinata by having it spanning two nails. Very cute!

  3. hehe these made me giggle when I saw them! You did a fantastic job with this challenge look.