Monday, October 7, 2013

33DC: Day 7

Hello! Day seven's prompt is to use your oldest untried. Funny enough, while I was browsing my collection I realized that I don't have any polishes that have never been used! Luckily I happened to be going shopping that day, and naturally I picked up a polish... or two. One of the colors I got is Revlon Elusive. Elusive has a black base with multi-sized teal glitter. It's really pretty in the bottle, not so much on the nail. The base is too black, so it smothers all the pretty glitter! This polish definitely needed some nail art over it. Since it's getting around Halloween time I decided to paint some creepy trees in all white. I suppose they could be creepier... my sister said they look wintery. I decided to use a matte top coat because it just made the manicure look so much better.
Here's the manicure glossy. Yuck!


  1. These look fab-I really like them! Very wintry!

  2. Great trees! Yes, matte is the way to go. Looks good!

  3. really great mani i love the subtle glitter on the black and i love using matte topcoat; gives it such a different look!