Friday, October 4, 2013

33DC: Day 6

Day 6 is texture! I had a few things in mind for this, but I eventually decided that I really wanted to use a texture polish. My choices were a bit limited in this area though, because I only own one textured nail polish! I think they can be neat but most times I'm just not interested enough to buy them. The polish that I have is Zoya Vespa. I wanted to do a manicure with mixed finishes, so for the base I used a creme polish, Zoya Neely. I applied some striping tape then sponged Vespa onto the nail to created a sort of gradient effect. I actually like this manicure a lot more than I expected to. I really like how soft it is, but how it also has super shiny glitter.
The only bummer about this manicure is that the texture is unusually scratchy. I think it's because using the sponge sucked some of the liquid from the polish so just a lot of glitter is left over.

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