Tuesday, September 13, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 3

Day three's challenge is yellow nails! But actually orange. Because I switched up days 2 and 3 by accident. I don't own a surplus of orange polishes, so there wasn't a whole lot of options to choose from.
My pinky shows the color most accurate

 This is Color Club You Got Soul-Ar. It's a bright neon orange, which means that it makes my camera all crazy. It also has plenty of holographic glitters. The catch is that the holographic qualities only appear in the bottle. On the nail it's just sort of... there, not really even catching any light. It gives a neat speckled appearance. The formula for this polish was a nightmare though, so thick and goopy. I have the complete collection, Starry Temptress, so I really hope that the rest of the polishes are easier to work with.
Tomorrow will be back on regular schedule with green nails!

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