Thursday, September 15, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 5

Todays challenge is Blue Nails!

Today was a difficult decision because I knew that I wanted to use my new Milani Blue Lightning. and yes Blue is in the name, but the bottle was a bit deceiving.
                        For fun I added stars and hexagonal glitters using KleanColor Silver Star
Blue Lightning has midnight blue glitters in a deep blue base. The reason why I was unsure about using this polish for Day 5 is because it also has scattered purple glitters in it. In the bottle the purple is very noticeable, almost overwhelmingly so, but on the nail it doesn't really show.

The bottle claims that it is one coat formula. It was close but not quite. The first coat was pretty opaque, but it was obvious that the polish wasn't at full potential. Two coats bring extreme opacity though. I'm sure that you could get away with one coat if it is applied very thick.

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